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Trauma Performance Improvement
Peer-reviewed reports on all aspects of quality improvement in trauma
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Trauma Performance Improvement

Peer-reviewed reports on all aspects of quality improvement in trauma


Trauma Performance Improvement, a specialty channel of The Cureus Journal of Medical Science, covers all aspects of quality improvement in trauma care. It provides trauma program leaders with a forum for reporting efforts to (1) improve the safety, efficiency or effectiveness of care provided to injured patients and (2) increase the effectiveness of trauma performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) programs.

All submissions to Trauma Performance Improvement are peer-reviewed by experts in trauma PI methodology and practice. All published articles are indexed in PubMed Central, PubMed and Google Scholar and are freely available online with no barriers to access.

Quality improvement reports published in Trauma Performance Improvement focus on initiatives to:

  • Improve care coordination and timeliness
  • Reduce complication rates and prevent errors
  • Implement new practice management guidelines
  • Increase compliance with existing care protocols
  • Improve trauma data quality and use data more effectively
  • Adopt innovative tools for improving injury care
  • Improve trauma care at the state/regional system level
  • Strengthen the components of a trauma PIPS program
  • Sustain quality or performance gains over the long term
  • Resolve quality or safety problems identified during site surveys
  • Foster a culture of quality and safety within a trauma program

Trauma Performance Improvement also accepts:

  • Quality research articles — biomedical research that creates new knowledge about an issue that impacts quality of care in trauma
  • Quality tools articles — prescriptive articles that explain how to conduct trauma PI, ideally filling a gap in current standards and education
  • Research posters — conference posters on any aspect of trauma PI

One of the main goals of Trauma Performance Improvement is to facilitate constructive feedback for trauma PI programs. The pre-publication review process is led by an editorial board of national leaders in trauma quality. In addition, a unique “post-publication review” enables discussion by the entire trauma community. The overall process ensures articles receive useful input from a wide range of professional peers, ultimately helping authors strengthen their program’s PI efforts. 

For more information on Trauma Performance Improvement and instructions for submitting papers and posters, click here to download our Author Guidelines. 

If you would like to discuss a possible submission or if you are having difficulty with the submission process, click here to email the TPI team. 




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