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Xuelian Wang


Department of Neurosurgery, Tangdu Hospital, Xi'an, China
Xi'an, China

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A Randomized Blinded Trial of Nucleus Accumbens Ablation to Trea [...]

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A Randomized Blinded Trial of Nucleus Accumbens Ablation to Treat Opiate Dependence in Humans: Location Correlates with Outcome

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Commented on: January 03, 2013

I need to explain somethings. There are several kind addiction treatment in China:mandatory treatment programs in compulsory rehabilitation center as you mentioned, behavioral treatment in residential therapeutic community, medications detoxification in compulsory and voluntary rehabilitation center, methadone maintenance treatment in appointed clinics, and so on. All of our patients gave the informed consent by their own will. None of the patients in our study received mandatory treatment programs simultaneously, although quite a few of them had been to compulsory rehabilitation center before.