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June 01, 2017

The Validity of a Global Rating Scale and Checklist for Evaluation of Pediatric Laceration Repair

Neil Uspal, Anita A. Thomas, Rebekah Burns, Maya Jones, Isabel T. Gross, Ryan D. Kearney, Rachel E. Whitney, Julie E. Uspal, Nancy Gove, Jennifer Reid
May 26, 2017
Case Report

Atypical Presentation of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Katelyn Mariko Updyke, Joan Morales-Lappot, Theodore Lee
May 25, 2017
Case Report
May 24, 2017

Fighting the Dengue Virus

Aniqa Faraz, Muhammad Aadil, Muhammad Nabeel Shafqat
May 23, 2017
Case Report

Fibromuscular Dysplasia with Spontaneous Coronary Artery Disease Presenting as Acute Myocardial Infarction

Ali Farooq, Waseem Amjad, Ata Ur Rahim Bajwa, Hassaan Yasin, Rizwan Ali, Muhammad Pervaiz
May 19, 2017
Case Report

Ertapenem-Induced Thrombocytosis

Ramon A. Docobo, Sumera Bukhari, Zulfiqar Qutrio Baloch

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