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July 24, 2017
Case Report
July 18, 2017
Original Article

Oral Hygiene Practices and Teeth Cleaning Techniques Among Medical Students

Sajida Naseem , Syeda H. Fatima, Haider Ghazanfar, Sana Haq, Najeeb A. Khan, Moeez Mehmood, Ali Ghazanfar
July 12, 2017

Shared Decision Making in Immigrant Patients

Claudia C. Dobler, Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla, Michael R. Gionfriddo, Juan Pablo Brito
June 23, 2017
Original Article

Alternate Access to Care: A Cross Sectional Survey of Low Acuity Emergency Department Patients

Jacqueline MacKay, Paul Atkinson, Erin Palmer, Jacqueline Fraser, Elise Vaillancourt, Michael Howlett, George Stoica, Maria Powell

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