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Margaret Mead

Cureus Release Notes

Release 2.12.15

  • Automated reference tool that automatically converts references into proper, linked format has been released.

  • Admin functionality and support for sending quarterly email digests has been released.

  • Reviewers may now provide more info when declining an invitation to review.

  • Upon submission for peer review, the submitting author is greeted by an email modal asking them to send personal notes to invited reviewers.

  • Admin dashboard now displays browser version in the analytics section.

  • Updated styling for Google Analytics graphs on admin dashboard.

  • Channel admins ma manage article flaggings.

  • Channel admins can now search for and add additional reviewers when accepting article for peer review.

  • Channel admins no longer have access to contribution links and PROs. These features must be handled by Cureus staff.

  • Channel admins may now manage article comments.

  • Various additional bug fixes, copy updates and performance boosts released.

Release 1.27.15

  • Channel Admins and Deputy Editors now receive all channel-based email notifications
  • Various bug fixes and copy updates released
  • Channels Admins/Deputy Editors can now manage article flags
  • Channel Admins/Deputy Editors can now search for reviewers
  • Contribution links and testimonial capabilities were removed for Channel Admins/Deputy Editors (These are handled by Cureus staff upon request.)
  • Channel Admins/Deputy Editors can now manage article comments
  • Channel Admins/Deputy Editors are now automatically added as members of the channel
  • Abandoned content has been removed from all user and admin menus

Release 1.6.15

  • Various style and formatting issues fixed within user profile pages
  • George Lundberg added to Team page (www.cureus.com/team)
  • Article categories and keywords now remain visible when scrolling through articles
  • About SIQ page updated to match changes to SIQ modal design
  • "Working/Processing" spinning icon updated across all pages
  • Page headers updated for consistency across all pages
  • Various bug fixes and Internet Explorer fixes
  • When navigating away from the Admin Channel Settings page, the user will now be prompted to save changes.
  • Admin dashboard engagement metrics presentation revised
  • Admins may now search for articles by entering the article number (e.g. 2317)
  • Admins may now see if an article has been deferred in the Reviews Complete tab of the User Action Needed section of the Admin Dashboard

Release 12.11.14

  • Features and design in Channel Admins/Deputy Editors Dashboard more closely resembles that found in the Cureus Admin Dashboard.
  • The Cureus Editorial Board page has received a design overhaul and accompanying performance optimization.
  • Myriad copy updates (including tool tips, disclosures, flash notifications, email notifications, SIQ modal, and more)
  • The layout in Review Mode has been widened to allow for more text to be displayed on screen while reviewing an article.
  • Table, figure and video legends now feature a text editor with italics, formulas, superscript and subscript capabilities.
  • Continued to optimize for all versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Channel members are now linked to channels via "membership" as opposed to professional societies. Members can join channels via the publishing process or a widget displayed on the channel page.
  • Loading animations have been added where appropriate.
  • Various bug and performance fixes

Release 11.17.14

  • The clickable Cureus logo linking to the homepage is now displayed on all public and admin-facing pages
  • The Ethics Statement and Conflict of Interest Disclosures text generated from the selections made during submission) has been reworked and updated for clarity and formatting.
  • Channel organization/department/company logos are now responsive.
  • Admin users can access the Google analytics widget for up to an hour without having to log in a second time.
  • An additional view (enabling/requesting article shares) has been added to the SIQ scoring modal.
  • The Release Notes page was created and a link to the page displayed in the Cureus website footer.
  • The Admin Settings page has received functional and design updates.
  • Admins may now select a date range when creating a new meeting.

Release 11.4.14

  • Minor bug fixes and chores
    • Recently added "Appendices" section validated for all previously published articles
    • Channel partner logo will now appear in the admin navigation column when navigating through channel admin pages
    • Comment flags removed for deleted comments
    • Duplicate entries in "Content Requiring Editor Attention" section have been removed
    • "From the Blog" and "Join the Discussion" widgets now wrapping text correctly
    • "Expertise" removed from user profiles
  • Copy updates
  • RSS feeds (global feed and channel-scoped feeds)
  • Flagged comment will result in email notification to admin/editor
  • Admin navigation column now features contextual page highlighting
  • Admin dashboard enhancements
    • Published content section added
    • Content engagement section added
    • Background colors added